Who We Are?

We are a family-based company with a heritage of beautiful, mind-blowing and tasty recipes. We started to bring our family treasure out in the market at the request of our beloved family and friends, who thought that no one should be deprived of these beautiful, tempting and mouth-watering cakes. So a couple of years ago, we started baking for some retailers and functioning centres. These successful endeavours prompted us to bring it out to the general public.

We operate from a state of the art kitchen that has been professionally designed and maintained to ensure the highest level of hygiene and compliance with Australian standards

We have zealous and artistic cake designers and experienced bakers who create some of the most spectacular, freshest and tastiest cakes to suit all sorts of events, personalities and tastes.

We decorate your life moments with great food and sweet ideas to bring out the best in any celebration with your family, friends and loved ones.

No thought or idea is too complicated for our experts to bring it down to your table with the best of the flavours, colours and love. Give us a call today to discuss the endless possibilities.

Why Us?

We provide outstanding quality and great customer care. All of the finest cakes start with an idea or imagination that comes out straight from the heart. It is not the flour, eggs, and sugar that turns a piece of baked bread into a lifetime memory rather it is the love and attachment that makes a cake.

We have plenty of love to create the masterpiece for your dream occasion.